INTRODUCTION – Starting in 2011, the Thimble has been developing a technology that will revolutionize human-machine interface and will turn every exiting screen into a touch screen.

MARKET – Touch screens are a popular and convenient way for human machine interfaces. Touch screen technology has existed for many years, but only recently have become popular and are currently used in smart-phones and tablets. But on the other hand computers, laptops and TVs have not implemented the technology on a commercial scale mainly due to increase costs associated. The Thimble has the potential to revolutionize the current screen technology by transforming any existing screen of the above devices into a touch screen. The Thimble thus enhances the user experience, his productivity and convenience and scales up old-technology screens. The device will also make smart-phones and tablets much cheaper to produce and thus will reduce the costs of those device to the customer, which in turn will result in further proliferation of the said devices. It seems that a manufacturer of computers, laptops, TVs, smart-phones or tablets that will not support the thimble will not be able to compete in the market that will demand the thimble user experience. In 2009, the total global spending on computer hardware was 324.3 Billion $ (The Global Laptop Industry by Aditya Shah & Abhinav Dalal). It expected that about 1% of this sum will be paid for licensing the thimble technology.

PRODUCT – The Thimble will transform any existing screen (CRT, LCD, Plasma etc,) effectively into a touch screen. The touch screen is supposed to relieve the user dependence on the optic or mechanic mouse. The Thimble can also function as a control device for televisions and their accessories (such as DVD’s, play stations and cable and satellite converters).

The Thimble will replace current remote devices, such as the common infrared TV remote control and the computer mouse (either mechanical or optical) and effectively transform every regular computer screen into a touch screen.

BUSINESS MODEL – License the technology to manufacturers of accessories, computers, laptops, TV, smart-phones or tablets. This model enables Thimble to focus on its core competencies of R&D and innovation, and avoid the manufacturing and distribution costs. The advantage of this business model is a small, nimble operation with low fixed costs.